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The Liberty Letters® series introduces fictional characters whose courage, ingenuity, and faith shaped events in U.S. history. Through the power of friendship, each story reveals how God works through ordinary teens in extraordinary times.

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Learning to fly is all Navy daughter Meredith Lyons has ever dreamed about, but when the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor, Meredith comes to the aid of the wounded and finds a strength she never knew she had. Her best friend, Catherine Clark, a high school reporter, finds herself the center of the story when her Navy father, stationed at Pearl Harbor, is missing.

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Buy Secrets of Civil War Spies

Disguised as a Yankee soldier and fighting with her regiment on Virginia battlefields, Emma Edmonds risks her life as she goes undercover as a spy for the Union army. In Richmond, her friend Molly Turner discovers a spy ring against the Confederacy, and must decide if she too will risk everything, even her freedom, for what she believes.

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Buy Escape on the Underground Railroad

Content with her simple Quaker village life, Hannah Brown's world is shaken when she discovers a family secret and confronts a terrified runaway slave and the determined slave catcher fast on her trail. Her good friend, Sarah Smith only wants to study to be a doctor, until she meets a young orphan whose past, shattered by the evils of slavery, threatens to catch up with him.

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Buy Adventures in Jamestown

Longing for adventure, Abigail Matthews survives a dangerous journey to the New World as well as the Starving Time, but faces her greatest challenge at the hand of her enemy, the Indian princess, Pocahontas. In London, England, her friend Elizabeth Walton desperately wants to make her mark on her world, but society's conventions and her own stubborn nature threaten to crush her dreams.

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The cover art for the Liberty Letters® series books was created by gifted illustrator, Guy Porfirio. His commitment to historical accuracy and detail, coupled with his strong sense of color and his engaging rendering of the characters made him the perfect artist for the Liberty Letters® series. To learn more about Guy Porfiorio and see more of his delightful artwork, click here: http://guyporfirio.com