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Confederate Civil War Recipes

Southerners felt the pinch of shortages of many ordinary goods, but they became very creative with their recipes when they had few of their usual ingredients. These are a few taken from the Confederate Receipt Book published in Richmond, Virginia in 1863:

Apple Pie without Apples

To one small bowl of crackers, that have been soaked until no hard parts remain, add one teaspoonful of tartaric acid, sweeten to your taste, add some butter, and a very little nutmeg.

Substitute for Coffee

Take sound ripe acorns, wash them while in the shell, dry them, and parch until they open, take the shell off, roast with a little bacon fat, and you will have a splendid cup of coffee.

Curing meat without salt

To cure meat in the sun hang it on the South side of your house, as near to the wall as possible without touching it.


If berries can be found crush them with some vinegar to make an ink.

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