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Gingerbread Recipe

The gingerbread Abigail missed so much was a course mixture of bread, honey and spices, not at all what we think of today when we cook gingerbread or make gingerbread cookies. 

By Gervase. Markham, 1615

Take a quart of honey, clarified, and seeth it till it be brown, and if it be thick, put it to a dish of water.

Then take fine crumbs of white bread grated, and put to it, and stirre it well, and

when it is almost cold, put to it the powder of Ginger Cloves, Cinnamon, and a little Licoras and Anniseeds;

Then knead it, and put it into a mould and print it.

Some use to put to it also a little Pepper, but that is according to taste and pleasure.

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