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Filing Cabinet - Jamestown

How Children Are to be Governed

Showing how children are to be governed
throughout all ages and times of their lives
Printed in Cambridge, England 1616

The Ordering of Maides from Twelve Yeare Old and Upward

Children. . . may be well taught all manner of good housewifrie and honestie of life, and encrease in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. . . It is then no disgrace, but great good to keep the daughters well busied in honest labour, at home or in service abroad.  And at this age of twelve yeares and forward, the parents, and namely the mother, is to use her selfe more familiarly with the daughter (always keeping the gravity and authoritie of a mother) that so the child may love her companie, and be more apt to open her mind to her mother. . . and more easily learne what need they have of marriage. . .

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