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Adventures in Jamestown

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William Strachey's Eyewitness Account of the Wreck of The Sea Venture

... For surely (noble lady) as death comes not so sudden nor apparent, so he comes not so elvish and painful to men, especially even then in health and perfect habitudes of body, as at sea; who comes at no time so welcome but our frailty (so weak is the hold of hope in miserable demonstrations of danger) it makes guilty of many contrary changes and conflicts. For indeed death is accompanied at no time nor place with circumstances every way so uncapable of particularities of goodness and inward comforts as at sea. ...

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What was life like?

American Life in the 1600s

Listen to the sound of 17th century music

“Where the Bee Sucks” (Audio) »
From Shakespeare’s The Tempest, a play based on the wreck of the Sea Venture

“Ut, Re, Mi, Fa Sol, La” (Audio) »
Written for the virginals, an early form of the harpsichord, which girls learned to play

Table Manners

How do 17th Century table manners compare with today? »



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Who was the real Pocahontas?

You may have seen some of these images before, but which one is the real Pocahontas?

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