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Reverend Alexander Whitaker
on Pocahontas and Religious Practices in the Colony

June 18, 1614

An excerpt from A true discourse of the present estate of Virginia, and the successe of the affaires there till the 18 of Iune 1614. Together with a relation of the seuerall English townes and fortes, the assured hopes of that countrie and the peace concluded with the Indians. The christening of Powhatans daughter and her marriage with an English-man. Written by Raphe Hamor the yonger, late secretarie in that colony ... London, Printed by Iohn Beale for W. Welby, 1615.

    To my verie deere and louing Cosen M. G. Minister of the B. F. in London.

SIr the Colony here is much better. Sir Thomas Dale our religious and valiant Geuernour, hath now brought that to passe, which neuer before could be effected. For by warre upon our enemies, and kinde usage of our friends, he hath brought them to seeke for peace of us, which is made, and they dare not breake. But that which is best, one Pocahuntas or Matoa the daughter of Powhatan, is married to an honest and discreete English Gentleman Maister Rolfe, and that after she had openly renounced her countrey Idolatry, confessed the faith of Iesus Christ, and was baptised; which thing Sir Thomas Dale had laboured along time to ground in her.

Yet notwithstanding, are the vertuous deeds of this worthy Knight, much debased, by the letters which some wicked men haue written from hence, and especially by one C. L. If you heare any condemne this noble Knight, or doe feare to come hither, for those slaunderous letters, you may upon my word bouldly reproue them. You know that no malefactors can abide the face of the Iudge, but themselues scorning to be reproued, doe prosecute withall hatred; all those that labour their amendment. I maruaile much that any men of honest life, should feare the sword of the magistrate, which is unsheathed onely in their defence.

Sir Thomas Dale (vith whom I am) is a man of great knowledge in Diuinity, and of a good conscience in all his doings: both which bee rare in a martiall man. Every Sabbath day wee preach in the forenoone, and Chatechize in the afternoone. Euery Saturday at night I exercise in Sir Thomas Dales house. Our Church affaires bee consulted on by the Minister, and foure of the most religious men. Once euery moneth wee haue a Communion, and once ayeer a solemn Fast For me, though my promis of 3 yeers seruice to my country be expired, yet I will abide in my vocation heere untill I be lawfully called from hence. And so betaking us all unto the mercies of God in Christ Iesus, I rest for euer.

Virginia Iune 18. 1614.

Your most deere and louing cosen
Alex. Whitakers.

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